App VetHelp AM

VetHelp AM

The first App that Agrovet Market aims to be a reference tool for Spanish-speaking veterinarians.


  • Contains the complete catalog of our products.
  • App versions for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Forms and Integration

Forms and Integration


  • Form: 581 active ingredients.
  • Interactions: 6157 Interactions between active ingredients.
  • Clinical values and Physiological Constants ​​for 11 species of animals.
  • Vademécum AM: All Agrovet Market products available includes online AM, Avivet and Nutrovet.
  • Calculators: 13 veterinary and scientific calculators
  • National and International Distributors: Geolocation with google.
  • Business Summary: Vision and Mission Agrovet Market.
  • Company news.
  • Contact platform.
  • Utility software.
12 Useful Calculators

12 Useful Calculators

  • Mathematics
  • Unit Conversion
  • Body Surface Area
  • Animal weight
  • Individual dose
  • Dose group in water and food
  • Drug dilution
  • Animal gestation
  • Energy requirement
  • Fluid replacement
  • Blood transfusion
  • Age comparative humana
  • Animal age.
Market Vademécun Agrovet

Market Vademécun Agrovet

Listing product including product image, formula, indications, target species, route of administration, commercial presentations. It can be used as sales tools your sales force, for reference and exposure.