‘’Unique Veterinary Products’’

We are a Peruvian company dedicated to the development and export of products for veterinary use. With 20 years in the market and through a technical and creative development oriented towards unmet needs of producers and veterinarians, and constant technical-commercial support directed to our representatives. We have positioned our veterinary medicines in the Peruvian market and other countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa as well as in some European countries. All this has made us one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, veterinary and main exporter of veterinary medicines in Peru.

Our Mission:

“Single-class products”

To offer unique veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional products, developed in a creative and innovative way, under high quality standards that allows us internacional projection and local consolidation through formal establishment of strategic alliances.

Our Vision:

“Leadership value”

In 2025, we will be the leading veterinary pharmaceuticals company in Latin America,not only in sales but also in innovation, value creation and process excellence with registrable products in any country and with a high sense of social responsibility.

ISO 9001: Continuous Quality Policy

“Unique Class Products”

Agrovet Market is a company dedicated to the design, production and commercialization of veterinary products. Consistent with the importance of providing innovative products and high quality services, it is committed to solving problems and satisfying customer needs, continuously improving processes and meeting legal requirements.

ISO 9001: Continuous Quality Policy “Unique Class Products”